Hellraiser, Hellraiser2 and Hellraiser 3

Basic Plot Overview

A Second world war veteran had found a puzzle box which he paid money for, and then disappeared. Frank finds the box in Morocco and returns home. He starts to play with the box and then dies in the house. Frank’s brother and his family move into the house. The box is in the attic until Larry (Frank’s Brother) picks it up and accidentally pricks his hand on the box. Blood drips to the floor, murders and mayhem starts as Kirsty finds out about the box.

Kirsty returns to the demented hell as she is in the hospital. Two doctors are looking after her and one who has studied her case has bought so many items. Somehow the mattress from Kirsty’s step mums’ was brought to the house of the doctor who is in charge of Kirsty’s case. The young doctor soon comes to believe her after he investigates at his colleague’s house and he witnesses a murder.

A television reporter investigates a man who is a key figure in a certain number of murders but she soon finds that her theories were wrong. As she came to be involve with the criminal who owns the club and here Pinhead and his Cenobites raise hell on earth for those in the club.

Note – Movie is R Rated.

Overview of Hellraiser 1, Hellraiser 2 & Hellraiser 3

Loved Hellraiser even though the second had made a big mistake in continuity otherwise it was okay. The third did continue from the second and it made sense why they did the third movie.

Obviously the first was better for me because it was particular to the person who wrote the short story and the script writer – Clive Barker. He also directed it as well. It was for me the quintessential part to the formula for Hellraiser.  In the eighties there was what I called B-movies in horror and even though I would not class this as one it was at the time to be the best movie for I heard at the time about Pinhead. The most diabolical creature who ever invented such is a hero of horror fans. Of course, I found out after when I could afford the internet and now I watched it over the week of the end of October, 2015; I enjoyed it immensely that I want to buy it and keep it in my growing collection.

The continuity issue was obvious from the first to the second movie. The first movie the house was burnt down and in the second movie, everything in the house and the house was for sale(If my memory is right). Apart from this, I left my imagination follow the movie so I could enjoy it. It was a good movie but comparable to the first it needed more and it did deliver more with the maze like existence of something more greater, as another world. In a way hell can be anything and it looked liked a world from a H P Lovecraft novel. After the initial doubt of the movie, everything came to be enjoyed but it did keep you in tune to Pinhead’s reality.

The third movie also had a good story and this made up for the continuity as you’ll find out. I hate spoilers thus the feel was such that it also satisfied me. The same terror of torture was partly gruesome, but delicious to my alter ego Mr. Vampire. I think it is the human condition which abhors such things still like to watch it, at the same time. I think fear plays a part and this brought loads more on the plain sense that Hell on Earth could be a possible reality. Yet, the news on TV has given us fear to last us for a long time – real life is more upsetting than a movie.

Hellraiser is a ♥ rating, Hellraiser 2 is a ♠♠♠½ rating and Hellraiser 3 is a ♠♠♠♠ rating.

Please note – my budget could not be anticipate that I could get to rent the movie Hellraiser 4 but I hope in the new year I’ll be able to rent it and it will be a movie to review for 2016.



Fairy Tail

It is Manga time. Yes, Japanese comics with a difference, watching anime.


Lucy Heartfilla is a seventeen year old wizard, joins the Fairy Tail Guild and she meets many of the guild’s most strongest wizards. Natsu Dragneel invites Lucy into the guild and she finds them to be a very rowdy bunch which she soon finds it to be something good. Natsu is a dragon slayer wizard mainly fire; his cat Happy an talking blue cat as partners. This fairy tail guild is in a town called Mangolia which is a part of the Fiore Kingdom. The Kingdom is part of Earth-land, there is 17 million people living and there is ten percent who can use magic. From the requests boards, wizards are to earn money by job requests handed down by the Wizard Council or by the people who need a wizard.

Once Lucy meets Natsu, and the rest of the wizards; she learns that the guild hate dark wizards and they have an agenda to eradicate the dark guilds. She finds that she travels to get to know the team she gets to be in. Erza Scarlet the armor equipped wizard and Gray Fullblaster the ice wizard with Lucy and Natsu and Happy team up to fight the evil that comes to the Fiore Kingdom. They do get new members on the way and go on many adventures, which one adventure went to another parallel world called Edolas.


At the moment, Fairy Tail* is in its seventh season simulcasted by Anime Lab, which is online at this time. I started to watch the first two seasons last year and enjoyed it. As I continue to watch it in the last three weeks, I got to know that Natsu more better, and his search for his father Igneel the Dragon is also the main story as well. Natsu is a happy to go sort of bloke who has a short attention span but when he gets fired up, he is a different man.

Each character in Fairy Tail is unique to their own story line but what the wizards in Fairy Tail are such that they are friends to the end. The bonds they share of friendship is mainly important to this guild and not to give up, keep going forward. It really is what I call the lessons that is learned in this Fairy Tail. They are my kind of guild if I could join a guild if there is one like this in a real world. I know this is just a manga but the lessons learned in this, is valuable and true in our world.

The Council of Wizards Leader has a particular hatred to Fairy Tail Guilds Master, but this has yet to be sprouted which I’ll see went I get through the rest of the total 251 episodes. It really feels as though the writer Hiro Mashima who written the story had made a plot outline of the main characters and their connection to each other is bound by family and friendship from adversity that is bought by pain that is individual or mainly what life through at them.

In summary, Fairy Tail show life trials and individual pain grow and manifests into rancorous disputes to which turn out to be a lesson for the individual and those around them and for the viewer who watches. Teenagers growing into men and women with strong valves is also the under pinning theme of this series that has action, adventure and fantasy to boot you into hooting for Fairy Tail. In the words of Natsu – I’m fired up. ♥♥♥ – this means that I’ll watch it more and more.

* Please note that you need to sign in to watch Fairy Tail. You can do so with a free account. Make sure it is a free account before signing in. There is a premium payment option and a free 30 day trial without advertisements. I like to warn you if you choose the trial 30 day period, once you finish you’ll have to pay an amount with three option to choose from. If you like advertisements that last about 60 seconds, then watch anime for free.

Insidious and Insidious:- Chapter 2

Horror movies is fairly my kind of cup of tea but what I hate is movies that shows a video camera within the movie. Ghost movies or paranormal movies that have people videoing  themselves is so old like the Blair Witch Project or more precisely like reality TV. Well these two movies for review are different and felt more real than reel.



A family moves to a old house, when things start to strangely scare the mother who is a music composer. These strange things soon develop into the first born son and it puts the boy into a comatose state. Things get worse as the mother of the boy calls a priest but that is when the husband couldn’t believe her of their son’s troubles. This sets the whole family to move to another home but the same problems occur and that is when the priest intervene but after that the husband plays along because his mother calls in help from a specialist in paranormal activity. Soon the grandmother of the boy, tells her son that she went through the same thing.

Overview of Insidious

The story was there if you looked carefully at the movie. The signs were there. The father didn’t like taking photos because of his past experience. The story of “an outer bodily experience” in a horror sense is beautifully done with this movie.

Imagine you go to sleep and before you know it you wake and see yourself from the bed and enter in a world of limbo. Where you see souls living in darkness wanting to return to the world you know. The Further as the specialist puts it is where you travel further than anyone could in dream land and it is where demons stay and latch on to the dreamer whose soul roams limbo and the Further. Kids have this ability and sometimes they develop it into their adulthood. But it is not as horrible as this movie.

In one of these experiences, Dalton traveled to far into the Further that he became lost in the limbo world.Because of Dalton was haunted by a demonic entity which resulted in a comatose state.

This was a rented movie I watched and I enjoyed this than the Paranormal Activity movies put together. This had the story down pact to a T. The ending was such that it felt like it ended abruptly. (Of course it did and there’s a reason for this in the next review.)

Insidious – Chapter 2


After returning from the Further, Dalton and his father is returned and after a few months Dalton’s father started to show unusual behavior that comes forth so much that Dalton’s mother takes her thoughts to the grandmother.  The specialist had died in the first movie but the police are investigating this while Dalton’s father show unusual habits.


The roles are reversed this time, Dalton must face the Further again but it was such that a visitor from the further had latched on Dalton’s father’s body. This soon became what a more can the director give. It was another story that is wedge in with a crazy man who dressed as a girl when he was a boy for a domineering mother. The history of this man seemed to seep through the videotape of Dalton because Dalton’s father’s spirit was there asking for help.

It was the story that pressed me forward and it was also a beautifully portrayed story of a outer body experience. A story solely generated around a boy and his family experience in these two movies is so exquisite and intricate that compass the netted story to more than one event. With this movie ending is really a what more can happen and before I give away the ending, it also seem to show that another movie should be coming. (I know that this as a prediction that Insidious is going to be a franchise and possibility a cult movie classic.)

Insidious ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠½ and Insidious – Chapter 2 ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠½  are rated as such because I enjoy them so much. I could not rated it any higher because horror of the psychological kind; Insidious is the first movie that shows outer bodily experience so correctly.

Trek Nation

Before I start this post, I thought to give a little note about my last post. Okay, it wasn’t a post about science fiction, fantasy but it did have the real horror of war. The emotional savagery of war. The psychological essence of the change in the human condition. That is what comes to me as a movie viewer and book reader. My total absorption of the characters within a movie or book is paramount. Be that character – for instance – Spiderman – being that superhero as if you are that character leaving the world and immerse within the character, just like being a host from Stephenie Meyers The Host.(Which I’ll review next.)

So here come the reason for this post – Trek Nation – is a documentary I watched on Crackle. I seen this before and it was an exhilarating ride to nostalgic time with Star Trek. This historical  reminiscent ride through the eyes of Gene Roddenberry’s son Eugene Jr was an eye opening course of the human condition – of father and son relationships.

Any Star Trek fans who watch this would say, the reason to their life choice was because of Gene Roddenberry ‘s vision of humanity. There are a lot of fans who became scientists, astrophysicists and other scientific fields meanwhile others like me became writers, computer experts and was saved by the genre that is science fiction.

The most part of this documentary about the man Gene Roddenberry and the son Eugene’s quest to know his father. In an interesting way this documentary, show the fullness of a man who had flaws but ultimately his visionary of the future is seen in Star Trek.

There is one place that any Star Wars fan would like to see is when Gene Jr interviews George Lucas. There is one question that is beautifully answered. The funny thing about this documentary is Gene Jr was not really a follower of his father’s show but is a  fan of Star Wars. The sense of the documentary is the finding of the man that Gene Jr never knew at all.

This was to me a sense that we never get to know our fathers well enough after the fact when they are gone. This also moved me, also to get to know my own father in a way that I never thought of before.(I still have my father but this documentary has taught me one thing – cherish the moments you have with your father – this is important.) This documentary shows something more than just the Star Trek shows that was and to the future of Star Trek – it shows a son getting to know a father and understanding the facets of the man that was Gene Roddenberry.

A note:- I’m a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars.

Whats Crackling?

Okay its an unusual way to start this post, but if you were me trying to explain how March went, I would have to hit you with a bat – I’ll let you think about it. Hectic is an understatement. Let me just say that I’m regaining my composer. The muse that I usually foray my discussions with had a bleeding holiday, as of April Fools Day, at three o’clock – that is depends where in the world you live in- my muse returns with full force. Thus the snappy post title.

Review time… This review is from the last week of March, where I watch a movie and a manga TV Series. Where did I watch these movies and manga TV series? It is simple and I did a search and by the posts title it is a good clue – Crackle dot com – where else.

You can sign up or sign in with your Facebook account or simply watch the movie, TV series, internet shows or trailers. However be prepared to watch one minute ads which repeat and when the show or movie is half or to the end an extra ad of 30 seconds. Apart from that I found a better online streaming site of movies. I urge you explore and enjoy.

So without further to do I’ll review these:

Rorouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Details – 94 episodes in 3 seasons


Kenshin the wanderer was once a legendary swordsman in Japan, in the Takugawa period and Japans change to the Meiji period. Kenshin known as Battousai the Slasher wanted to forego his past and stand for peace. With his tell sign of the X, on his left cheek of his face; he is faced with pass enemies and new ones which he uses his reversed sword for protection. He meets a woman who sees more than what is on the surface when he helps her. She is a master of a Dojo where she seeks students but finds then with Kenshin. The meeting of the students also come with their own problems, where Kenshin seems to step in to help to protect.


Battousai the slasher was a real person in Japan’s history but was not as the fame Kenshin in this manga or anime.  As you get to watch each episode with some clarity of plot each episode runs about 22 to 30 minutes. Each episode is from its start introduces the main characters in Kenshin’s travel in Kyoto. From the first season its the story of Kenshin and his past and the friends he meet alone the way. In the second episode he meets a young pick-pocket whom was under a gangs influence and he steps in to help. Of course the woman known as Kaoru of the Kamiya Kasshin Dojo takes the boy as her pupil after victory of the gang. Of course each episode may not be over for the character who comes to the dojo.

It is one theme of this manga for me which was said in each episode, To help and protect people. Also there was more than one theme; like using a weapon such as a sword for protection. Thus that is why Kenshin uses a reversed edge sword. Even though a sword is for killing; Kenshin also use the sword for protection and peace. Imagine you were in a feudal society and you swore never to use the sword for killing – this manga is exactly the portrayal of Samurai X. Feeling that peace is the answer to all things, pulls Kenshin to grow into a better person. In the 94 episodes, Kenshin finds love, happiness, friendships and most importantly standing up for the beliefs he learnt after being the Slasher.

The second season sees Kenshin in a fight against the royalists of the Takugawa period against the government of Meiji Period and a renegade slasher second to Battousai who engages in the governments demise. Kenshin saves the government from the renegade slashers’ dominion of Japan.

Third season is about the Feng Shui. Of course its about the Chi or Ki or force of where the place of objects are placed in harmony. Well,  Takugawa planned Edo as he placed the city’s map in line of harmony. But that harmony is gone since the Meiji Government interceded the change. But three hundred years before the Takugawa made the city maps , there were two clans aptly named wind and water, waged war and water won.

Kenshin always seemed to be in the middle of every torment comes to the people. His creed of protection was his only sense  and his style of fighting propelled him to almost superhuman status. As you get to know the reasons there is one thing that the Meiji government think of Kenshin as a hero and icon.  Of course its easy to get into the feel of the period and it is easy to understand the people of Japan  through manga.

Astroboy was my first manga I watch long ago and over the years I watch many others and each of them had the same sense as this manga series I watch- Peace, love and most of all friendship and respect of others.  ♠♠♠♠♠

The Breed

Details at Crackle dot com also a R rated movie.


Set in a future where vampires and humans are trying to live together. A rogue vampire kills an agent of the NSA , the partner follows the leads with the best Vampire police Adrian Paul. Together with Bai Ling to find the vampire killer.


It felt like an alternative earth where vampires come out of the closet in the future world where communists rule the world. The NSA has an agent learning about the Vampire world through the best detective of the Vampire police. The vampires live in a ghetto called Serenity. Adrian Paul had lived through the  the second world war and was made into a vampire by the vampire who wanted to come out to the humans. Of course, the problem was at the time the humans and one particular vampire were skeptical about the coming out.

I like the story plot in a way it was not horror per say, but it did have speculative fiction to draw a person in. In the opening scene was the most that was horror and then the rest was like a future crime investigation which almost looked like the matrix. Love the computers which were looking like the old cathode ray tube television set with mono screen and typewriters connecting to an unseen hard drive unit. But it also had paperwork. A weird sense of communism that held and governed; and mostly see how advances seen through a communist ideals. Even though, the plot on Crackle was different to mine it did pull you to watch it.

Of course, watching it at first I thought it was very unusual and weird, but I always give the benefit of the doubt and see it for as it is. YES it was a good watch in a weird way. If you like weird and bizarre movies then this is for you. Ultimately it is a good plot and an interesting to watch. ♠♠♠♠

Keep watching here…

January Review 2

Last post I gave a review on the DVD movie Stake Land from the AWHA pack I won. Here is the next two:



DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
iFM World Releasing Inc
Director :- Richard Franklin
Writers/screenplay:- Everett De Roche
Feature Length:- 107 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Susan Penhaligon, Rod Mullinar, Robert Helpmann, Julia Blake and more
Age Restrictions:- MA


Patrick has a way with people. His way… Or else. After an incident at home, in Room 15 of Roget’s Clinic, Patrick is in a coma meanwhile a young female nurse Kathy Jacquard becomes the night watch nurse to Patrick. Roget the doctor and owner of the Clinic comes into examine Patrick while Kathy starts and notices some unusual things.


Well this 1978 movie when it was released as you see the first two sentences I stated in the plot how I remember when I saw the trailer. I was too young to see it and anyway I wasn’t into the horror then as I am now. Telekinesis was at that time a new thing but I did however can remember the movie Carrie after many years later watching it that when I watched this DVD of Patrick was similar in a way. Something with Patrick had me wondering why would he be in a coma after the incident with his mother and her lover. This only breached something which made me think – Why? It was only after watching the features that made me understand that there is another sequel – a screenplay script(I haven’t read it yet).  There is a remake of Patrick that came out in October 2013 and haven’t seen it yet.

Sir Robert Helpmann acted as Dr Roget who is the owner Roget Clinic in which is looking after a comatose Patrick. Nurse Kathy is having problems with her husband, is intrigued with the patient in room 15 – Patrick. She soon stumbles on a few things about the clinic and the matron who is also wanting to end the patient in room 15.  Robert Helpman an actor, ballet dancer and etc. has also work on Chitty Bang Bang movie, play the rolled of Dr Roget as well as a mad scientist who wanted to experiment on a lab rat. Even though the overall story took place at the clinic and some places at a the nurse’s flat, her home and the nurses fling’s place – the amount of the supernatural power that Patrick has seemed so chilling to think on.  To compare this to stake land which was the first DVD I watch, which I can not do. I prefer to watch Patrick – again and again. But I think this version is fairly the best I seen in the Australian horror movie  which has Telekinesis in it – Very Ozploitation.

Child’s Play


DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
United Artists, A David Kirschner production and A Tom Holland Film
Director :- Tom Holland
Writers/screenplay:- Don Mancini, John Lafia and Tom Holland
Feature Length:- 87 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif and more
Age Restrictions:- MA


A six year old boy, Andy gets a “Good Guy Doll” for his birthday present. This doll is possessed by a soul of a serial killer which brings mayhem to Andy’s  babysitter. When he tells his mother and the police that he did not do it but his doll who is called Chucky. Chucky plays with murder and almost gets away…


I don’t sit alone when watching a horror movie at all. My mum sits with me because its where I pick up the best parts in the movie(I’ll explain; it usually after the movie that I get my mum opinion and usually she tells me if she likes it or not.)  Its the only thing that I get to know if it was good or not. Anyway its usually at the point that mum jumps and screams that I know that she is enjoying the movie. Child’s play was in a way a child’s toy gone bad. It is one movie that give the tingles down the spine when you see the toy talking except for when the mother finds the batteries come from the empty box to the floor. that when she starts to believe her son as Chucky start to attack. This scene seemed to be the spine chilling effect that last each time I think about. If you are into such voodoo stuff or demonic supernatural horror then this your cup of tea. Then there is a selection of the sequels such as Chucky’s Bride and Chucky’s Seed.

More than any doll movie I’ve seen before – if my memory can think of its the only doll movie that slashes. ♠♠♠♠

Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug and Ender’s Game

Oh I did forget to say that the two movies I saw at the end of last year were so excellent I could only say that Ender’s Game is more the better than the Hobbit. The scene of the barrel in white rapids and the red dragon coming out of the dwarfs homes as the molten gold dripped off the dragon’s skin is the only thing that stands out closely to the book.

Enders’ Game is my best movie of 2013 pick because I once long ago read the book of the same name by Orson Scott Card and remembered that as I watched the movie I could not believe how close the movie was to the book. Even though I knew the ending of the movie it still played so beautifully on Ender Wiggins. One Excellent movie for 2013 in my eyes.

Hobbit ♠♠♠♠½ Reason for this is because of two things 1. I like the movie and Tolkiensique is always my favourite and 2. the director also was on the big screen in the beginning eating on a carrot.

Ender’s Game ♥

January Review 1

Well as promised from last year, I have watched the three DVD’s that I won from the Australian Horror Writers’ Association (AWHA). Also I watched two more horrors pictures on Pay TV. As for whats coming in 2014 will be up to which I want to see and read. But I know that you will expect to see that a few reviews in books, videos and movies with my favourite  genres like horror, science fiction and fantasy. Also two posts about two movies from the end of last year which I had to think on because I needed to make sure it is perfect before I post them. More of them later.

Here is the first review –

Stake Land


DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
A Dark Sky Films, Glass Eye Pix, OffHollywood Pictures and Belladonna Productions
Director :- Jim Mickle
Writers:- Jim Mickle and Nick Damici
Feature Length:- 94 Minutes
Stars:- Nick Damici, Connor Paolo, Kelly McGillis, Danielle Harris, Sean Nelson and more
Age Restrictions:- MA 15+


All the states of America has fallen to an Vampire epidemic. The survivors cling together in the rural pockets trying to stay alive after sunset. From a farm where the story starts with the family and soon the seventeen year old boy is apprenticed to the one who helps him survive from the vampires. These two travel to a place called New Eden where on their travels come to places where peoples live and the two become three and so on.


I thought this to be a good movie to watch, however it was not as I expected for a movie about vampires. Vampires themselves were slow and almost zombie like, even growled like a monster but not like the vampires of old. These are better than the shining vamps of Meyers and yet the kill of the vampire did burnt but not like the old. Then I thought wait just one moment what could have happened that an epidemic of mass society could suffer? Unlike the zombie virus that could be and seem real in the future but then what if there was a prequel to this that I missed but there is none I could see.  Yet I wondered on the reasons why would it be a good movie and then it hit me like a match lighting a candle. The sense of any epidemic monster could be a part of any movie. Last year, a film called Battle Dogs had a photographer who was infect by a black wolf tooth and she became a werewolf and in an airport  she attacks a few bystanders and soon the army was called in to stop but the general was a bit crazy and wanted werewolves in the army. That is nothing compared to this movie but in a form of epidemic scenarios that many writers look to write. The option that the vampires were slow and growling may be just the beginning of the epidemic phase and only did I find the most excited part at the end of the movie.

Mister (Nick Damici) is an old cowboy/drifter type character who picks Martin (Connor Paolo), a seventeen year old whose parents has just been attacked by vampires. The vampires who attack did have some speed in the dark but light seemed to slow them down. It looked like there were parts that were beautiful but other times slow. The first town Mister and Martin went to were protected by a group of humans and each town became fortified towns and many gang-like places. Driving through a land where the two become three, is run by a group of cult-like group who would have pleasure and give those that didn’t follow their ways were feed to vampires.  The leader of this cult is then becomes a vampire. The meeting of two more humans and a marine soon becomes a fight to survive and  get to New Eden.

Overall it was slow with some good fight scenes and one other thing – at least these vampires has fangs. They were easy to kill it with an arrow, gunshot and stake directly in the heart. Okay even though, the slow parts of the movie were for me its downfall but something about it had me hooked like a fish to bait. In the Special Feature, it explains more about the Stake Land. In the almost two hours features, I enjoy more than the movie itself, behind scenes and how they made this movie on a small budget. I think if they had a bigger budget and a few more top name actors, then it would be a great movie. MAY BE A REMAKE should be a thought. Another movie I have in my library is Daybreakers and its almost similar to this but more action packed. I thought I should look at it again and I might.

Base on the budget of the movie and it did show in the movie and the best part of the movie is its ending for me I can only rate this – ♠♠½

Christmas is Coming

Well its not far off with Christmas and I’m going to have a wonderful nine days off from the internet, starting from the 24 December 2013. So in the next few paragraphs I will be happy to give you a little few titles of what I watched at Halloween. While I was doing Nanaowrimo, I re-watched some movies which was self-titled Halloween.

Halloween is a good time to watch horror movies, at this time as every year. But I do like watching horror movies every month – especially vampire movies or any movie that spills blood. Of course, Halloween is only one day where I can say I love blood spills and get away with it. Truly I am one sane guy. For me, at Halloween week of watching horror movies is the most enthusiast time I had. I mean a week of horror movies. Come on it was fantastic.

First I started off watching something that is not horror but for the kid in me I wanted to watch it. It was not a horror as in blood shedding but the concept for horror for kids is a tame one. Okay Power Rangers is not horror but a martial arts show mixed with monsters from other dimensions and galaxies. Witches and wizards and monsters transforming into giants and fighting the power rangers in battle-ziods. Well its my writing side that get the kicks in watching a group of heroes defeating the evil side. Yes I did say witches and monsters.

Okay a little light humor for you all, so I can get to start on the juicy parts. Of course, before I get down to do the juicy bits, I set out to watch three great movies and then came Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters.

Here goes a few reviews in no particular order:


You can’t do a review of one movie or even the three if you don’t watch all three in one sitting. However I would say that you must also know that there is another four in the franchise of the SAW movies. I try not to share to much of the movies because I heard the hype about it and thought yeah I don’t want to watch them. So here I am watching them and thought a mixed pleasure of joy and satisfaction. Unusual for me to say this as if the dark side of me was enjoying the sickness of a torturous game.

Now the rating of the movie should have been rated R18+ instead of the MA15+. Of course I know nothing about the rating of movies but the stuff that is so horrific with one man breaking his own foot to get his ankle through a shackle was very mind-blowing and then being chased by an unknown assailant was one gross point… Exceedingly delicious if I was one crazy person but luckily for me I’m not. I heard also that the Australian writers who pitch this movie to producers here in Australia did not want to do it. I can see why. So I will not class these three movies I seen as a must see or love it because I haven’t seen the last four movies.

Seriously I would make a WARNING for anyone who reads this please – Don’t watch it unless you can stomach the evil horror scenes. I am giving this two because of the game of torturous scenes.  ♠♠

Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters

This would have been better if I had watched on the big screen but I did not. However this was a great to see movie which puts you back to the fairy tales of your childhood. This had me thinking what could the woman who played Jean in the Xmen franchise be doing as a witch. The story of this fairy tale was something which would have happened if the story was taken in a different direction, if Hansel and Gretel fought back. Well this is what this movie is. It reminded me of two movies I watched before, Black Forest and Werewolf – The Beast Among Us. In a sense, the story of these two movies I mention has a undercurrent theme which I liked more in this movie. Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters has given such a good story-line and it also gave a good moral to the story I like to watch for and understand. And like the old fairy tale which I as a child liked. Overall the best story-line and action with sub-plot which becomes very unawares if you are not watching very early on.

I would buy this and keep watching as many times but I would also buy another to keep as an rare item. That is why I am giving this two of these. ♥♥

Halloween 1978 John Carpenter’s version VS Halloween 2007 Rob Zombie version

I was lucky to watch this on the Pay TV on Halloween night and during November and my thoughts on both movies I watched almost complimented each film. John Carpenter’s version had the famous scary pumpkin lantern with the names of the actors and film crew opens is one of my favorites openings of any movies. At least that is how I would do a film where these days the letter colors makes it hard for me to read the actor or names of the film. The music was a creepy thing for an eight year old kid who didn’t watch it when it came out. I was more of the science fiction movie buff at eight years old than a fan of horror. In my twenties I watched it and thought that was one scary movie. I was starting to get into horror like a sponge. But I think under all of the scary parts, I then understood that I was not scared at all but the music made it scary. Anyway getting sidetracked here, the 1978 version  had Jamie Lee Curtis first debut film which made her a star.  Looking at it during Halloween night and seeing the full story, I was very amazed that I didn’t pick some thing the twenty year old did. My writer side noticed it now more than a film. I knew then that I was gullible to watch it. What made me want to watch the iconic and the remake. Well like all slasher and kill flicks of the late seventies and early eighties were more slotted in a B Movie genre. However Halloween was different to the ones I called copy-cats. Like Hitchcock’s Psycho film with the music in the shower scene for me gives the stepping stone to Halloween which these two films brought a sense of horror to the movies. Halloween 1978 version opens the film industry to slasher films to the light of day or should I have said, to the dark of night. There is ten films dedicated to the Halloween franchise. Of course the remake version of Rob Zombie is very much an interesting version where the Carpenters’ version didn’t tread to far.

For example from the plots of both Halloween movies – the plots were similar but with some differences. I liked the story before the first attack where Micheal Meyers kills his older sister. It showed the psychological and environmental factors of growing in a dysfunctional family life. The 1978 version was different which Micheal Meyers kills his sister in 1963 and then jumps to Halloween 1978 with Loomis and a nurse driving to get a 21 year old Meyers from a Psychiatric Hospital. The 2007 version shows the young Meyers as an dark and evil child who killed animals and liked making masks to wear. The young Meyers kills a bully on the afternoon of Halloween and that night kills the step-abusive-father, the boy-friend of his older sister and the older sister. In the 1978 version Meyers did not have any other siblings but why would he go on the hunt for Curtis’s character. Without watching the Halloween 2 to 5 and yet still watch 6 and 7 – yet I still didn’t understand how the relatives of Meyers were his victims.  The Loomis character played by Donald Pleasence is a better one than Malcolm McDowell. However the Halloween 2007 version shows the years of the young Micheal Meyers living in the Children Sanitarium – this was missing in the 1978 version which for me expanded the story of Micheal Meyers. Of course to see that there are so many differences between the two that I could fault either at all. Where as the 1978 version had less kills than the 2007 it doesn’t matter at all to me.

Now comes to my rating of the two versions – Halloween 1978 ♠♠♠♠♠ Halloween 2007 ♠♠♠♠♠

I did see Halloween 2 Rob Zombie version and I liked it as well and it deviled in the good old slash and kill in the hospital. But without looking at the Halloween 2 1981 version, I’ll leave this for another time if I can get to rent it or by luck it will screen on Pay TV. Until then I’ll leave Halloween 2 2009 version as a separate post for another time maybe in 2014.

Of course, I had the best year over the months of May to October. Next year in some time in January 2014; I have to watch three DVD that I won on a competition in October and in November  just before my birthday I received the 3 DVD pack. I didn’t have time to see those three movies and I’ll will be watching them after new years day. So here is my hint for the first post will be in January 2014.

As I trim of the pounds/kilograms depending which country  you measure weight, I’ve been on a diet for three weeks and as Christmas is coming, I am going to watch what I eat and hopefully not fill up with too much food. And last of all have another good Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2014 with another year of Reviews with the Speculative Fiction – the genre with mixtures.

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark

This post is a  flashback to a time where I use to enjoy movies with humor.  I watched yesterday afternoon a nostalgic movie  or video from 1988. Why you may ask? Well its simple, I had an awful afternoon yesterday that I needed something to cheer me up. So I got on my pay TV channels on the T-Box(its a small box where my communication provider provides the pay TV service; I can get movies and such from the internet) and I was in the mood of something dark. Thus I found this movie which brought a very good memory – here is my thoughts to this movie.

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark


Starts with a B-type movie and then a production team pans to Elvira dressed in a tight sexy black gown, lounging on a settee as she speaks to the camera. Elvira is a Los Angeles TV hostess of late night horror movies who quits her job because of the new station manager’s sexual advances. After receiving the  telegram about her Aunt’s will reading, she daydreams of getting an inheritance. The story follows Elvira as she travels to her aunts last and will reading in Fallwell, Massachusetts. What follows is a barrage  of comical instances of her stating some truths and by some mistakes on her part becomes true – one particular scene – a gas service owner who picks a cigarette which Elvira says that will kill you; as she drives off and the gas pump fell as petrol flowed out into a pool…

Her inheritance is a house, a dog and a book. Meanwhile her Uncle does not get a cent but wants the book. From her arrival to Fallwell, she becomes the talk of the town, because of her way of dressing like a floozie. It started with the principal Patty who spread the gossip about Elvira. Her Uncle Vincent Talbot wanted the book to become the Master of the Dark. Her Aunt knew that Vincent  wanted it and made sure that Elvira knew. Elvira first night out took her to the Ten Bowl cafe shop where two obnoxious men took liberty from how she wore the sexy black gown. But she has her principles and its those she holds to. Excellently portrayed then she meets Bob a very muscled chested man to her rescue to the two sex crazed deviants. These two deviants works for her Uncle Vincent.

My review

Ultimately a funny movie with some dark humor of the eighties. You need to understand that at the same time, sexual harassment was on a very thin line and this movie to me showed its value to what it feels like to a women with principles. It also shows a woman’s vanity in her figure that she needs to exploit her assets by faking it – the owner of the cafe shop. One woman not scared to show herself with her figure and boy what many a teenage boy wished to see such as Elvira in real life. From the plot where I never mention is that the young teens of the town, made it tough for Elvira and also the teens wanted to be free from the norm. It is very dark in its ending and where the older townsfolk decide to burn Elvira – for being witch under Vincent’s instructions of law. Elvira did however find out who she really is and tried to avenge with a recipe from her aunts book. In a way she brought out the hidden inhibited desires which leads to Elvira’s demise. Or does it.

This is a story which is somewhat out there in the eighties and I think it is one hell of a horror comedy that actually brings many meanings, such as some peoples will see this as a bad concept to a teens angst movie. Well it does show this but it also show more and this I like about it. It shows a woman principles to show who she is openly and does not care what others think. Its like judging a book by the cover. Or judging by what one sees and mistakenly thinks the opposite. Yes that is the general theme and now this time when I watched it  – it brought back my ideal woman – the dream I had with a woman wearing a black dress and black hair. She was a one of my dream of how a woman figure should be. Little did I know she was only a figment of my imagination to be a fruitful image – then again the  other is Gomez’s wife. Hey I can’t help my feelings when I see a black haired woman dressed in black clothing. I’m getting a little side-track here, the movie did peak my afternoon, yesterday and it made me happy.

Sexual harassment is a law in many countries which is  upheld. During the sixties, seventies and eighties the law against such cases were either sweep under the carpet or a monetary value for such cases or the male was fired from their job or the woman quit their job. Well in my opinion it became a part of the Nineties, such cases where harassment became so much that women got sick of the sexual innuendos that they stood firm to bring order to cases of sexual harassment in the courts. I think after this movie televised and years after it may have been dubbed by some as the worse trash movie they seen. I definitely think it is a classic that depicts sexual harassment to the T. Women are not objects and they are certainly not to be use in that context.

Okay, the last paragraph with law stuff, I’m not a person who understands the history of it and it was not as a visual media when I was growing up in the seventies and eighties. I came into contact with the word sexual harassment in a law class in 1990. It was part of the subject for a business course, I was doing. Well I didn’t put the movie and my thoughts together until I saw this movie again. Reliving a moment of my past has been a great.

I found this movie to be above its time, yet may be not. It was perfect timing when it was aired. Its undertones must have spoken to women and doing what is right. Apart from all the meanings and mild sexual content of the movie, a good story line and the climax of the ending is worth to see it as a learning tool for sexual harassment.

Overall its a movie I would watch again if my mood was down and I need cheering up.

Rating this movie ♠♠♠½. See on the right sidebar for rating system.