Insidious and Insidious:- Chapter 2

Horror movies is fairly my kind of cup of tea but what I hate is movies that shows a video camera within the movie. Ghost movies or paranormal movies that have people videoing  themselves is so old like the Blair Witch Project or more precisely like reality TV. Well these two movies for review are … Continue reading Insidious and Insidious:- Chapter 2

Trek Nation

Before I start this post, I thought to give a little note about my last post. Okay, it wasn’t a post about science fiction, fantasy but it did have the real horror of war. The emotional savagery of war. The psychological essence of the change in the human condition. That is what comes to me … Continue reading Trek Nation

January Review 2

Last post I gave a review on the DVD movie Stake Land from the AWHA pack I won. Here is the next two: Patrick Details DVD by Umbrella Entertainment iFM World Releasing Inc Director :- Richard Franklin Writers/screenplay:- Everett De Roche Feature Length:- 107 Minutes Stars/cast:- Susan Penhaligon, Rod Mullinar, Robert Helpmann, Julia Blake and more Age Restrictions:- MA Plot … Continue reading January Review 2

Christmas is Coming

Well its not far off with Christmas and I’m going to have a wonderful nine days off from the internet, starting from the 24 December 2013. So in the next few paragraphs I will be happy to give you a little few titles of what I watched at Halloween. While I was doing Nanaowrimo, I … Continue reading Christmas is Coming

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark

This post is a  flashback to a time where I use to enjoy movies with humor.  I watched yesterday afternoon a nostalgic movie  or video from 1988. Why you may ask? Well its simple, I had an awful afternoon yesterday that I needed something to cheer me up. So I got on my pay TV channels … Continue reading Elvira – Mistress of the Dark