What have I been doing…


I’ve been on the spiral of life’s up and down roll-a-coaster ride. With all of life moments even though health problems is at the major problem but getting stable each day.  All my promises of great reviews since last December has jolted to a mini roar that comes from a mini lion.

A lot has happen – surgery to the gall-bladder out, migraines increasing to most times of the day, pain in the ribs where the sternum is and not only that events have been slow. What? Well it is just getting use to the tablets and capsules I’m taking for the pains and migraines.

Oh another thing that has happened Mum had surgery to fix the lazy muscle in the eyelids.

While recovering from surgery I binged watched Stranger Things on Netflix. Another binge watch on ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation – iview, I watch the first season and second season of Cleverman. Also on Netflix, I watch a heap of other stuff which I can’t think of at the moment. Of course there is Games of Thrones which I need to watch next weeks episode before I even say a thing. Just a thought is this the final season, have they gone mad because the other seasons from 1-6 had 10 episodes while 7th season will have only 7 episodes. Why?

Just hope you all can wait for those promised review which I have to reacquaint that is re-watch them.


NaNoWriMo,Update and such

I hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas and hope in the next few days you’ll have a Happy New Year.


As with every year I do Nanowrimo but this year was much wrought with family problems, and some were my own as well.

Writing about 25000 words is okay but 50000 would be better, I hope next year will be better.

Update and Such

An uneventful year in the movies and books review due to a few health issues in my family and it seems it is an ongoing thing at the moment. Tests and such with mum and I to do in the new year is very much a wait and see, and hope everything goes well.

This post is just a little parley of which a terrible year I have had but my optimistic side says hope is always around and that is what I’m looking for the New Year. My resolution for the new year is hope. Nothing but hope. Really it is all I can look forward for at the moment.

I can’t plan for the year to come because everything has hit the ceiling already and I just know that I’ll have to dodge a heap of everything. So hope is all I can look for in the new year.

So I’ll need a few days away from the internet, and its looks like from today to the first weekend in January 2017 (it does feel funny saying 2017), I’ll be back online then.

So have a safe and enjoyable, Happy New Years day.

October already…

For most of the year has passed and hell has come to my household on wheels of fire. Another update, with my own health in the balance and everything happens in threes. I just have to wait for a specialist to contact me and it is an easy operation of the gall-bladder. But I guess it will be in the new year.

Halloween Week

It’s just about time where I enjoy a week of watching horror movies. With the usual bad boys of horror, Halloween – Mike Meyers; Friday the 13th – Jason; and vampires and many more.

As Halloween runs over the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day, it is also Hallowmas  and 2nd of November is All Soul’s Day, I like to remember the souls of the dearly departed and hope their rest is joyful.

Even though Halloween is a low key for my traditions, I always celebrate it with movies thus today starts my Halloween movie week marathon.

November – Nanowrimo

As October runs to a close in a week time, as spring in the southern hemisphere is closing very soon, I have to spring clean my room. Half done (as Halloween is coming), I have spent a year researching for my next novel for Nanowrimo. Working on a UFO type story. A fifty thousand word novel is what November brings – writing a thousand, seven hundred words a day as well as learning a course is doable.

Partying month as November is for me is going to be a mellow one; I’ll party on just the same with a little bit reserved – health-wise.

Just remember I’ll get back to blogging as soon as I’m fit to do so.




August already!

Its been one of the life’s struggle pushing on an already turbulent year. I have setbacks so far that has wasted the year away and I’ll try to come back as soon as possible. It has been one of a wait and see what happens. In the beginning of the year its my mum who had health issues and now its my dad who has had a Turps done, which in turn has another problem.

So its been on hell of year so far and not only that has me in a downward spiral of going forever down into despair that I have my own health problems. Crazy world at the moment in my woods, and thus no reviews has been forth coming because when one problem seems to be going good another rises.

Prayers and good vibes is needed. Please send them my way!

April already

Yes I’m aware, since my last post is a long pause because of some problems that has been ongoing. Please keep in mind that the problems I’m having is to do with a family member, and it is important that I keep my thoughts on helping my family member.  As we tackle one hurdle, another hurdle seems to grow higher than the last.

I’ll try to get back as soon as things get better with the family member.

Reviews Coming for 2016

As I’m writing this, nineteen days in January has come by so fast but with it, a hurdle has come to deal with. It seems most of my time will be dictated by something which I can’t control. It feels so bad that I am going to have to wait for a while and I hope to bring reviews to you when I have time. I believe in the next three months, my time is being spent on a family member. Of course I’ll try to do the reviews as when I’m able.

I have had a quiet Christmas and a good beginning to the new year, but something hung low on the horizon has come to stand its way in a good year, I had hoped for. But the underlying thing has been at the back of my mind, for most of the holidays but now it is coming to fruit its foul stench. Anyway, I hope this hurdle goes on an even keel and make sure everything will get back to normal soon.

Until it does please be aware that I’ll get back to reviewing as soon as possible that is humanly possible.

Reviewing 2015

Where shall I start? Some of the year favorite reviews is probably the least since last nights adventure which tops my list of the best seen movies for 2015. Yet out of the three categories I call, I might as well start with the lists.

Fantasy movies for 2015

  1.  The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies
  2. Fairy Tale

Horror movies for 2015

  1. Hellraiser all movies
  2. Insidious plus chapter2
  3. Dracula 2000, ascension and legacy
  4. Cube trilogy*

Science Fiction movies for 2015

  1. Star Wars  I-VII
  2. Terminator Gensys
  3. Cube Trilogy*

* is combined as science fiction and horror category which is why I have an asterisk.

Thank goodness that is over for the year as of today I’ll have a break from reviewing and should be back sometime after the fifth of January.

What’s been happening?

Last month was Nanowrimo and if you like to know more then look here. And as Christmas is counting down and Star Wars – VII:- The Force Awakens is coming out, I’ve decided to leave my reviews until I have seen the new Star Wars movie which will also start my holiday season for two weeks. There is just another 3/4 days before I do a big review which will be my Christmas present to you all. So just watch this space… 😉

A Little Promo

To my followers here, I have a new site as an author and I would like you to follow that site as well. At the moment, I have started with a new platform of the operating system – the old system was Windows based while the new is Linux based.   The transition from Windows to Linux was slow at first, because I had to make sure everything is going well before advertising my new official site.I hope you might enjoy my official site. To the left sidebar is the link to about me and you can then go to my site. Or you can click this link, for soon competitions will be starting as soon as humanly possible.

Now my little self-promo is over, you will soon read the next trilogy review.

I’m Back

Well I’m back from 24 days holiday but technically, my emotional state was at a low since a week after my mum went into hospital.

What happened on my holidays?

Well I enjoyed meeting my relatives on my mother’s side. And let me say, I enjoy shopping and looking at the city of Adelaide, South Australia very much. The weather was beautiful and winter season came in the last week I was there – Love the cold. The break was needed but life had other tests.

After the holiday?

It was a week which was slow and tiring and I tried to relax which was okay until Friday the 17th of April, in the afternoon, that life’s test happen. I went to do my annual ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys on that morning, in the meantime mum went through an ultrasound on her temple in the week after the holiday. The results of my mums’ ultrasound had returned that same morning, when we returned home for lunch. A message from the doctor, she went to her visit with the doctor, we rushed to the specialist then she was put to hospital.

After a week in hospital, Mum went through a biopsy which seemed to be a result that has been a good one. Yet the follow up is still ongoing. It seems one hurdle has been hopped over, but praying it to be all steady.


Well, its been a little over two months, no, close to a month and two weeks since I reviewed some movies. Well soon you will read a few reviews. There will be seven.


Well its the 19th May and I have the flu and it will be some time before I feel better to do a review. This post is a long one in coming because of family problems seem to be manageable at the moment. I couldn’t concentrate on anything let alone do any reviews. So on the home-front of this review month will be coming in next month or as soon as I’m better from this… achtu  damn cough… and the dripping nose… cheers see you all soon.