October already…

For most of the year has passed and hell has come to my household on wheels of fire. Another update, with my own health in the balance and everything happens in threes. I just have to wait for a specialist to contact me and it is an easy operation of the gall-bladder. But I guess it will be in the new year.

Halloween Week

It’s just about time where I enjoy a week of watching horror movies. With the usual bad boys of horror, Halloween – Mike Meyers; Friday the 13th – Jason; and vampires and many more.

As Halloween runs over the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day, it is also Hallowmas  and 2nd of November is All Soul’s Day, I like to remember the souls of the dearly departed and hope their rest is joyful.

Even though Halloween is a low key for my traditions, I always celebrate it with movies thus today starts my Halloween movie week marathon.

November – Nanowrimo

As October runs to a close in a week time, as spring in the southern hemisphere is closing very soon, I have to spring clean my room. Half done (as Halloween is coming), I have spent a year researching for my next novel for Nanowrimo. Working on a UFO type story. A fifty thousand word novel is what November brings – writing a thousand, seven hundred words a day as well as learning a course is doable.

Partying month as November is for me is going to be a mellow one; I’ll party on just the same with a little bit reserved – health-wise.

Just remember I’ll get back to blogging as soon as I’m fit to do so.





August already!

Its been one of the life’s struggle pushing on an already turbulent year. I have setbacks so far that has wasted the year away and I’ll try to come back as soon as possible. It has been one of a wait and see what happens. In the beginning of the year its my mum who had health issues and now its my dad who has had a Turps done, which in turn has another problem.

So its been on hell of year so far and not only that has me in a downward spiral of going forever down into despair that I have my own health problems. Crazy world at the moment in my woods, and thus no reviews has been forth coming because when one problem seems to be going good another rises.

Prayers and good vibes is needed. Please send them my way!

April already

Yes I’m aware, since my last post is a long pause because of some problems that has been ongoing. Please keep in mind that the problems I’m having is to do with a family member, and it is important that I keep my thoughts on helping my family member.  As we tackle one hurdle, another hurdle seems to grow higher than the last.

I’ll try to get back as soon as things get better with the family member.

Reviews Coming for 2016

As I’m writing this, nineteen days in January has come by so fast but with it, a hurdle has come to deal with. It seems most of my time will be dictated by something which I can’t control. It feels so bad that I am going to have to wait for a while and I hope to bring reviews to you when I have time. I believe in the next three months, my time is being spent on a family member. Of course I’ll try to do the reviews as when I’m able.

I have had a quiet Christmas and a good beginning to the new year, but something hung low on the horizon has come to stand its way in a good year, I had hoped for. But the underlying thing has been at the back of my mind, for most of the holidays but now it is coming to fruit its foul stench. Anyway, I hope this hurdle goes on an even keel and make sure everything will get back to normal soon.

Until it does please be aware that I’ll get back to reviewing as soon as possible that is humanly possible.

I’m Back

Well I’m back from 24 days holiday but technically, my emotional state was at a low since a week after my mum went into hospital.

What happened on my holidays?

Well I enjoyed meeting my relatives on my mother’s side. And let me say, I enjoy shopping and looking at the city of Adelaide, South Australia very much. The weather was beautiful and winter season came in the last week I was there – Love the cold. The break was needed but life had other tests.

After the holiday?

It was a week which was slow and tiring and I tried to relax which was okay until Friday the 17th of April, in the afternoon, that life’s test happen. I went to do my annual ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys on that morning, in the meantime mum went through an ultrasound on her temple in the week after the holiday. The results of my mums’ ultrasound had returned that same morning, when we returned home for lunch. A message from the doctor, she went to her visit with the doctor, we rushed to the specialist then she was put to hospital.

After a week in hospital, Mum went through a biopsy which seemed to be a result that has been a good one. Yet the follow up is still ongoing. It seems one hurdle has been hopped over, but praying it to be all steady.


Well, its been a little over two months, no, close to a month and two weeks since I reviewed some movies. Well soon you will read a few reviews. There will be seven.


Well its the 19th May and I have the flu and it will be some time before I feel better to do a review. This post is a long one in coming because of family problems seem to be manageable at the moment. I couldn’t concentrate on anything let alone do any reviews. So on the home-front of this review month will be coming in next month or as soon as I’m better from this… achtu  damn cough… and the dripping nose… cheers see you all soon.

Updates number whatever

Well I have some new thoughts to say, and its not so good news. In the matter of one month and eight days, 2013 has come with a hell of a lot of bad news.

First is about my free market provider has gone to paid and that is where I go and find presses to submit my stories to. It is hard financially for me to pay such a service. Second comes my first press Pill Hill Press has closed and you can read more about it if you click here. Well it comes with the third, just yesterday that my mother’s blood tests have return something that needs more tests. Five years ago she had thyroid cancer and it seems the blood test had picked a discrepancy with the level in the nodules where the thyroid was. So with this that tops it with me swearing at the world for giving me a bad beginning to the year, I also got a fourth a few days before mums’ results and its just peed me off today…

Ha the funny thing about it the stars signs warned me that it would be so.  But it also said that, I could see the silver lining in the dark clouds. Ha I don’t think so at the moment. Or can I?

After a few moments of thoughts, I think that I can. Its not so unusual for me. Scorpios are that resilient. Well I think its the way I learnt to be resilient. Okay, my first bad news is that it was not the only place where I can find markets of small presses for free – its a matter of doing a search on a search engine. The second is not the only press I send submissions to and its okay. The rejection of a story is that I did something wrong and I can fix it later and send to another. The problem with my mum is one that I have is a little difficult to understand at the moment, but I think it can be managed with the doctors help and hope I don’t think weird things. Anyway I think it too early to find out if anything but to be prepared is best.

Its a weigh off my mind and probably its the silver lining I need.

News 1

Well the news, I am bursting to say is; I am going to Sydney, Australia. My first time on a airplane. I’ll be writing my thoughts and such, when I have time. However it is  a medical/holiday trip. Why you may ask? Well it is very simply; my mother had glaucoma in the both eyes; later had to operate to remove the cataract (lenses in both eyes change with a new multi-lenses). For about a year, a number of thing like laser fixes and photographs of the eyes had made it a long process. All the while Mum had to follow the specialist directions to the T. On finding that one of the multi-lens was good for reading and while the other was for distance, had to use spectacles for seeing things at a clear focus. On another visit, one test with a contact lens helped mum.  Well the last visit to the specialist, Mum and I knew we had to go to Sydney; I am going  for support for Mum. With this special type of laser surgery, I’ll have to help Mum. So that is my news. I’ll be going to Sydney for medical reasons but I hope to have a holiday as well.

We will have a week for some site seeing in Sydney, with the Sydney Opera House as our first site and the harbor; may be the Sydney Royal Easter Show might be in order. Lucky I have no worries for accommodation, we have relatives living near Sydney.

In a day, I’ll be going to Sydney with my Mum and it will be a new experience for me flying in a airplane.

Where time has gone?

Well, here I am sitting and doing the old catch-up of last month of my favorite sites like Facebook, Goodreads and other author sites; and before I knew it, two weeks has passed by.  Since my last post and straight after, I had the rising star of Mr. Arthritis coming to my hips, and it felt like I was walking on something that is undesirable to mention here. I was actually walking like an ape from the Planet of the Apes movie starring Chalrton Heston and Roddy McDowal. Best thing I did was to see my doctor and get a prescription. Then I just sit in a comfortable position(well as comfortable as possible) and try to read the few websites but I had difficulty standing you to do normal things like going to the toilet and going to the kitchen for lunch and dinner. Apart from that I eased up on the writing of my novel collection for a while and did a nice relaxing research and a few other problems I’ll not discuss were soon fixed up quickly.
By the tenth of December, I already returned to writing again with the elongating of a very short flash fiction to a short fiction of about 2000 words. Finishing it, edit and made sure everything was right to go. However my internet service provider were fixing and upgrading my service, I still had the web surfing that I could use Google and such. Hence, I had to use G-Mail to send my story. Because of that I had to change a few things on my submission to the press. And when I was done on my G-Mail account, I sent and waited. Had lunch and returned to find an email saying that my story was accepted and with a contract to sign. I immediately read and signed the contract and sent it off.

PLEASE NOTE:- This is a very quick response time I have had. I had a few of them because it was a very good story(well it has to be if it was accepted).  I could actually give you the ones I had to wait for – many were over thirty days and there is one that is around 400+ days(this one is on hold until the small press gets to it). REMEMBER that most publishers and small presses have a waiting period of roughly 30 to 90 days before getting back to you with an acceptance or rejection – also they do say in their submission and writer’s guidelines. Always check their submission and writer’s guidelines.

Oh before I forget, the story I wrote is… No, you will have to wait when it is ready to be published. Until then, all I can say is The Evil Twins – Doppelgangers Stories Anthology presented by Static Movement is still open for call. Just click the link to find out more about the submission call.

The Good News


I know I am on the third day of nanowrimo, but I like to express some good news. I have just recieved an email which I might like to jump around in my room as nature intended – naked of course; and a happy dance. The happy dance may be used later on when I have finish the editing with the editor.
It’s Weighing on your Mind will be coming soon…
When the proofreading, editing and galley notes, contracts are complete; and I’ll share with you my story. Until then I better go back to Nanowrimo.
PLEASE NOTE:- I will make sure about this update, when more information comes to my attention.

Update 2 – Nanowrimo and Movember


I am enjoying a few things like my corner pub has reopened for a week plus, and now I can return to drinking my favourite beer – Guinness; it is an acquire taste that I enjoy early in my life, thanks to a doctor. The most important thing on my mind; I am not usually an open person however when an opportunity came in, I decided to say it in an article or story format. I usually never relate my health problems with some little snippets here. Well, I was shortlisted for an non-fiction anthology for a health problem I have since the day I was born, even though I never knew it. I knew I had this problem but the problem was not named until later on in my life. That is my second shortlisted story in the two years. I just have to cross my fingers and every part of my body, just hoping the head editor enjoy it as well. I will not say what the health problem I have as yet until it is accepted, even if it is not; I will need to think very hard if I share here.

Okay, I know that drinking is a no-no for many young bloggers at there, just wait when you are of legal age. Just before you do go an binge drink, don’t. I can say this from experience that you would not want the results. Men and women have different tolerance to alcohol and I know the hangover consequences and memory lapses.(Memory Lapses is possible but it does return after a number of years.) Even your liver would know it. Kidneys also for that matter. Alcohol in the blood stream plays havoc on the liver after a number of years. Of course, I’m no doctor and they know more about it, ask your local doctor. I bet they can say the worst scenario.  Well it was a doctor who started me on Guinness because I was not eating very well, and a few deficiencies about appetite. The taste was okay and it did bring my appetite back to normal. It was until I was in my legal age that I sat at a bar and saw the consequences of binge drinking and the results when I worked as a waiter. I drink occasionally now and stay under the limit I can drink. Of course, Drink Responsible and have a designated driver. Catch a taxi/cab/bus or train for work the next day after a night out. You do not want to have to lose your driving licence or your life for such a good night out.

At the beginning of the month of October, I had a party to go to and I enjoyed it without having a beverage of alcohol – soft drinks and that is responsible drinking. The party was on the outskirts of my town, and driving twenty-minutes to the party was a bit iffy, if I drank a beer or a scotch. I didn’t want to get caught and to date I have not.

Over the next few weeks after the party, a few stories returned with a few rejections(we writers do need tough skins). In that I figured I was doing something wrong. I have not looked at what was wrong with the stories(I could guess its my language and tenses). I will at the later date and then rewrite and change the title and see what will happen(this is where I shred the whole story and rewrite it). I know my problems but the brain is to blame(this is a true excuse) with not seeing those mistake in time.  Ah well, what of the last week of October? I have a few thing to do like two stories to complete and rewrite and re-title a story to a press. Well it seems, I have to rewrite one of those stories and disesmble it and shred it to pieces before sending it out(my second guess is I may not send it).  Hoping I’m up to it because I have a few days to do it. Yes I can and I know I can.

Well, the summary of my collection is complete for a single-author colloction. This entails a collection of 3 or 4 completed stories that totals to 85,000 to 100,000 words. I have four stories with a common theme that I summarised and ready for Nanowrimo – I am ready and I cannot wait for it. For 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel and after that I will then complete it before next years deadline. I like to prepare for a year and possibly this will be the start, I am hoping to pave the path to a new career.

Oh there is a good cause for November call Movember. The cause is for men to grow a mostache and raise knowledge about Prostrate Cancer and depression; a little bit more info is here. Some men donate money for the cause to help the men talk about the Prostrate cancer and depression – obvisously there is a site for this – just make sure to pick your country and there should be more information.

PLEASE NOTE:- Any of the above about drinking alcohol and Movember are things I think should be spoken about and possiblily a lesson can be learnt. Anyway food for thought. Nanowrimo is a fun project to do.