October already…

For most of the year has passed and hell has come to my household on wheels of fire. Another update, with my own health in the balance and everything happens in threes. I just have to wait for a specialist to contact me and it is an easy operation of the gall-bladder. But I guess it will be in the new year.

Halloween Week

It’s just about time where I enjoy a week of watching horror movies. With the usual bad boys of horror, Halloween – Mike Meyers; Friday the 13th – Jason; and vampires and many more.

As Halloween runs over the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day, it is also Hallowmas  and 2nd of November is All Soul’s Day, I like to remember the souls of the dearly departed and hope their rest is joyful.

Even though Halloween is a low key for my traditions, I always celebrate it with movies thus today starts my Halloween movie week marathon.

November – Nanowrimo

As October runs to a close in a week time, as spring in the southern hemisphere is closing very soon, I have to spring clean my room. Half done (as Halloween is coming), I have spent a year researching for my next novel for Nanowrimo. Working on a UFO type story. A fifty thousand word novel is what November brings – writing a thousand, seven hundred words a day as well as learning a course is doable.

Partying month as November is for me is going to be a mellow one; I’ll party on just the same with a little bit reserved – health-wise.

Just remember I’ll get back to blogging as soon as I’m fit to do so.




Overall Nanowrimo Report

Okay it is finish for another year and considering that I did my best in the days I started from.

For the first four days of November, I wiggled with a decision to do it or not. When I thought to continue the work in progress novel, I knew of another author who does write it. Like it says on the Nanowrimo website start a novel and finish it later. So I went for it. How did I continue my novel in progress? Well; I made a new title and brought the characters forward into the future of about a few hundred years.

For twenty-six days, I have written 37,087 words with about two days of no word count. From the 5th to 30th of November, it is not a bad effort in twenty four days. Of course, November is my start of partying with responsible drinking; that is enjoying the Christmas parties from clubs and other activities that I do. May I also say November is my birth month and the midway mark is always celebrated, of course the 15th is a day of partying.

As you may know my uncle and cousin and two more came from Italy via Dubai to Brisbane and on to Townsville and the here in my small country town – on the 19th November. this hindered my writing for an hour or so.

Dinner party after dinner party and such, I have written about 17,000 words. The lowest average with a hell of a lot of interruptions is about 500 words otherwise, the highest average with minor interruption is about 3000 words. This is an interesting premise, however, note that I also have a middle average of about 1500 words*. Let me count the days that I have done. The lowest average word count of 500 is for five days. The middle average word count of 1500 is twelve days. The highest average word count of 3000 is five days*.

I’m still amaze at the amount of word counts in the twenty-four days that I have written. Even though, and mind that if I wrote on the five days that I missed at my middle or to my daily target, then I would still make it to the end target of 50,000 words. The daily target is set at 1667 words per day by Nanowrimo. I like round numbers so my daily target is 1700 words per day. Of course the speed of typing is accompanied by music on my iPod – typing with about two to three finger on each hand. The music I am into at the moment is heavy metal of the late eighties and early nineties – MANOWAR. I’m a very picky person when it comes to music(when I can post about my preference list to my music). Music needs to have words that I can relate to – No beeping screaming.

Overall the month of November has been a hell of an enjoyment. With having a few family and friends from Italy over and writing is my most second memorable and I can’t wait for the end of the year where I go over the year that was 2012.

Since it is the first of December, there is one thing I like to do is counting down to see if the prediction of the Mayans will occur.

* Please note the 500, 1500 and 3000 are numbers I picked from my head and they are not the true average in each of the twenty-six days. Actual data of the actual word count for the days of writing in the lowest, middle and highest averages is lower or higher than the word count, e.g. word average is 500 actual may be 490 on one day while another is 509. Another example is if I wrote in one day 300, another day 1100 and 4000 in another day then the averages are lower or higher


Well as you guessed I’m taking some out time this evening to do some post about Nanowrimo. I’m at it again, with the hope that I can do it again like last year writing to 50340 words.

Ha ha I think not. As it is eleven days so far, I started writing on the fifth of November with only 8557 words in six days not much to talk about.

On the Nanowrimo site, I need to write 1970 words the rest of the month. I know that my average of 3000 words per day should get me to the finishing line. I was contemplating not going to do Nanowrimo but I was more frustrated at wiggling my thumbs. So I had a look at what I could do with my late effort and thought well its best to complete the working novel that is on the right sidebar.

Well it was a collection but now it a full fledged novel.

However I hope to still write, after the nineteenth of November because I have family relations from Italy coming to stay for a few weeks. Well I hope to also write at the same time.

Nanowrimo – Final two weeks and Update


The Hump day that was my birthday,  I had a great birthday celebration. As for the presents I had gotten one dress shirt, one Star Wars t-shirt with the character of Chewbacca in the front  and a writing pad(I wished for an iPad but it wasn’t when I opened it) in a carry-case, from my sister and my three little nieces.  Mum gave me a quilt for the bed and a statue of Buddha with candle holder. Of course I had plenty of my favorite alcoholic drink Guinness and I did drink safely.

Week Three

After the hump day,  I started slow and wrote about 1400 words. Thursday was close to 5000 words and then in the next three days I had more interruptions than a hairy goat except for the Saturday where I decide to go and play my favorite sport – Texas Hold ’em poker. Okay its not a sport but for me it is; when you play for strategy, bluffing and outwitting your opponents. In that sense I call it a sport with a nominated amount of skill with ten percent of luck. I enjoyed the Saturday game.  Sunday was a recover in the morning from Saturday and in the afternoon was a visit to a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and then return home for getting back to writing. Ha that did not happen. I was in a quandary on Monday, and it was lucky that I decide to read emails and such before starting to write for Nano. Well I decided to go back to the email that I had read on the 3rd of November to give me more inspiration, it did and it got the creative juices going again. Even though it was 929 words it made my total count to be at 33,322 words. As Tuesday came I was just a little over 2000 words.

Week Four

Between the 900 to 3000 words for the homeward stretch, I have climbed up further than I first thought. In my MS Word processor program the word count is 50,329 finished on Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock. Then I went to the Nanowrimo website to submit and update the word count for verification, to become the winner and I was astounded that the actual word count is 50,340.

Overview of Nanowrimo experience

Well let me explain the first time about four years ago, I was trying it out for the fun and did not know the essence of the way. Okay a newbie like me was a bit weary but I did not get to the total of the Nanowrimo experience but the achievement was an eye opener – that was 2008. The following year, I tried again and before I knew it I still reached my personal best word count of 25,000 – that year and that particular month was my worst health problem ever; had to do tests for prostrate. 2010 the year I passed on nanowrimo because I was writing for a 10000 word story to be publish was a good excuse. Oh 2009 was a year I tried for short stories to be published but none came to be published until Mothers Day of 2010. I think the experience of the 2008 and 2009 Nanowrimo made me think that short shorties and flash fiction is where I need go to create a resume or CV.

I can proudly say that I am a winner. This is my first attempt to reach a monthly goal. I now know that I can and will write a novel if I put my mind to it. Also I must say that music to listen to is a must to block out the irritable noises of birds, cars, sirens and telephones ringing. The music I listened to is from the winner of Australia’s Got Talent Winner Jack Vidgen. Okay the fourteen year old can sing and I listen to his two new songs, Yes I am and Fly and the others he sung on the show the whole month. 100 times from 9-6 each day continuous like a broken record, but this made my two to three finger typing move like a blur on the keyboard. The beat of the music makes my fingers fast, and without that for inspiration I would never have thought I would finish early.

The moment of finishing early I did not know that my body had started to play up and my arthritis on my hips has started to predict rain is coming. As I am writing this I am on the third day of pains and need to see a doctor. But I will enjoy the moment of winning my first ever Nanowrimo challenge on my third try. Hey now comes the moment of actually continuing the novel without having the overbearing  umbrella of the challenge. But then again it does help with the one part of the business of being a writer, that is; writing to a time limit and to get it finish on time for a deadline.

Overall, I may be tired and sore but the whole experience has truly given me insight into my future life as a writer/author.  As my favorite TV  show Get Smart, Maxwell Smart would say, And Loving it.  Yes I think this experience has open me to the possibilities. Of the story of what I wrote is called The Immortal Breeds(Working Title); it should have been a collection  of stories but I fear it may well be a novel in its entirety. However, I might be able to reconstruct it into a collection but it might be too much work or I could just sell it as it is and see if an publisher or small press might like it. Before that I have to do an synopsis and complete the other half of the novel with another 50,000 words. As I’m writing this maybe I have a collection in mind because the first story is like a chapbook and two short stories to go. Oh boy, I just made it into a collection. I just have to change the name of the title and then see if I can get beta readers to read it. Wow its nice to sit and freely type every thought here.  Well its time to leave and celebrate my win.