Movie Review that is coming

As I am watching a few good movies, lately I have noted that another year is almost coming to its end and I haven’t done a book review. Well I feel that is because of the books I’ve read have either been turned into a movie or the ones that I haven’t read are movies. Thus in the next post that is coming I’ll be reviewing four movies from a master of horror and film.

The movie reviews that are coming:

Hellraiser 1987
Hellbound: Hellraiser II 1988
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth 1992
Hellraiser IV: Bloodline 1996

Star Wars to watch all the six episodes before the Seventh comes out. As this months closes soon, my favourite month of the year is about to begin, where I’ll start with some horror movies like Hellraisers and some old favourites like Halloween and then the end of the month of October leads to shark week in November where I’ll be busy with Nanowrimo month. And before I know it I’ll be in 2016, because November through to January will also be party central station.


Star Wars is coming

As you may be aware, Star Wars The Force Awakens is coming to cinemas in December 17. I thought to do something that is a little different to my normal reviews. I thought to do a memory down the lane post. I just read an article on the Empire magazine about the movie and a certain eleven year old J.J. Abrams went to a cinema to see the first Star Wars – A New Hope. I was a seven year old who watch it with a wide grin and to this day, I had always an an inkling there was more to this movie I watched.

I watched a young Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker who wanted to be a star fighter but as a farmer for his uncle on Tatooine, and they buy the two infamous droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. From the cleaning of the two droids and the message, the movie became the best of all time, in my book of films. But from the opening score to the infamous Darth Vader in shining black helmet and leather attire and that black cape bellowing behind him, became the best evil character I’ve seen and this movie made me dream of another movie which later came out ten years later.

The most it did is that I dreamed of myself as Luke and was fighting the Empire but for me, as a kid of seven; Darth Vader was much bigger than he was in the film, and it was this that I always wanted to see the man behind the mask but the funny thing I saw a man wearing with spectacles with round frames. As I waited for the next installment of the Star Wars, even though I knew it was coming back then in 1977, I waited for it patiently for three years.

In the meantime, my dreams had played out the story of Luke and Vader, and little did I know my dreams showed in almost eerie rendition of Empire Strikes Back, and the excellent ending; “Luke, I’m your father.” in Darth Vader’s voice. Of course, I started to write when this movie came out, but it still gave me the best sense of what George Lucas had written(this come later of course). As I loved the movie of Stars Wars The Empire Strikes Back, I actually copied the poster from memory for the heck of it. I think of the moment my fascination with Star Wars was and still is my favourites of movie trilogies ever. As it happened another three years passed by and still the Darth Vader with the big helmet chased me in my dreams. Little did I know until the Return of the Jedi that came clear that is two years later came a Spaceballs a parody film which had the actor Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet. Funny thing to dream a Mel Brooks story but its one of my crazy gifts I have had since a child – dreaming the future. But I cannot tell the future at all, to anyone. The reasons are for the future self to reveal on his own time that is if he wants to.

Getting back to Star Wars, I knew when I saw the Return to the Jedi, when Vader said to Luke “You have a sister.” This didn’t register to Vader that he had a daughter as well. This was open to another set of options for me when I dreamt of the following episodes of Star Wars. I can’t reveal my dreams because I can’t tell you at this time because they need to be reveal to me when I watch The Force Awakens.

However I can reveal the first three movies of how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, the dream I had was very close to the movie trilogies. Even though a little predictable, because my writer side had depicted it that way as we seen the boy turn to the Dark side of the Force also mirrors to my dreams when The Phantom Menace came out. I have no way how a casting director gets the actors to play the characters of the movie but my dreams seem to get the actor right at once that is effing creepy. This is why I don’t like predicting futures to anyone and its this feeling that creeps me out. I hate the dreams but I somehow leave it in the back of my mind to forget it but only one thing a mark or face is a point to remember that this has happen before in my dreams.

The ending of The Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin becomes Darth Vader, the exact moment when Obi Wan said not to that was the defining part in my dream as well. Anakin arms from the elbow and his legs from the knees is chopped and then burnt. That was the burning beginning for Star Wars which is where we remember.

Now comes the speculative offering from my thoughts of The Force Awakens. Please bear in mind that this is my theory of the next trilogies which may be the end but I wonder. Why you ask? Well let me start on the Timothy Zahn novel trilogy where we know that Leia and Solo must protect the Jedi twins that Leia has and an Admiral of the old empire is after them. The second teaser trailer of The Force Awakens has Luke speaks, The Force is strong  in my family…  my father had it, I have it, my sister has it and you have it. Of course this has Mark Hamill voice and I knew that next trailer would be Harrison Ford’s vsaid – Its good to be home.

I feel this is where we think of the title of this Star Wars episode –  The Force Awakens – is very self explanatory, my meaning the dark and the light side of the force comes to arise, again. Yes it is not so simple as that. In my theory, the first order as per internet views and the magazine I just read states is this; this and others in the old Empire hold on to the fact that Darth Vader was someone they want to revere. In fact I have these few questions as follows –

Does Leia secretly hold her secret of the force in secret of the New Republic? Does Han Solo and Leia stay together? Does Leia have twins like Padame Amidala? After all Padame Amidala is Leia’s mother.  Han Solo is a father figure to who? Who is Kylo Ren? Is Kylo Ren a real name? Who are the Knights of Ren? Is Finn a Knight of Ren? Is Finn a friend to Kylo Ren? Who is Rey? Is she a daughter to Leia and Han Solo? Is Rey and Ren are siblings? Does Luke keep The Force in balance within himself? This is because he is scared to become like his father – Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. Is the remembering of Darth Vader, is important to the new order of the old Empire? The second trailer teaser shows the old helmet of Darth Vader and who has that helmet? Who is General Hux? The first trailer has a voice that almost sounds like Palpatine but it also sounds like Andy Serkis. The real question is did Emperor Palpatine really die? Then the next would be – Is Darth Vader alive? Think of General Grievous as an android.

Boy what a lot of questions. Well it looks like my thoughts got the better of me again. Three months and counting for Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

Fairy Tail

It is Manga time. Yes, Japanese comics with a difference, watching anime.


Lucy Heartfilla is a seventeen year old wizard, joins the Fairy Tail Guild and she meets many of the guild’s most strongest wizards. Natsu Dragneel invites Lucy into the guild and she finds them to be a very rowdy bunch which she soon finds it to be something good. Natsu is a dragon slayer wizard mainly fire; his cat Happy an talking blue cat as partners. This fairy tail guild is in a town called Mangolia which is a part of the Fiore Kingdom. The Kingdom is part of Earth-land, there is 17 million people living and there is ten percent who can use magic. From the requests boards, wizards are to earn money by job requests handed down by the Wizard Council or by the people who need a wizard.

Once Lucy meets Natsu, and the rest of the wizards; she learns that the guild hate dark wizards and they have an agenda to eradicate the dark guilds. She finds that she travels to get to know the team she gets to be in. Erza Scarlet the armor equipped wizard and Gray Fullblaster the ice wizard with Lucy and Natsu and Happy team up to fight the evil that comes to the Fiore Kingdom. They do get new members on the way and go on many adventures, which one adventure went to another parallel world called Edolas.


At the moment, Fairy Tail* is in its seventh season simulcasted by Anime Lab, which is online at this time. I started to watch the first two seasons last year and enjoyed it. As I continue to watch it in the last three weeks, I got to know that Natsu more better, and his search for his father Igneel the Dragon is also the main story as well. Natsu is a happy to go sort of bloke who has a short attention span but when he gets fired up, he is a different man.

Each character in Fairy Tail is unique to their own story line but what the wizards in Fairy Tail are such that they are friends to the end. The bonds they share of friendship is mainly important to this guild and not to give up, keep going forward. It really is what I call the lessons that is learned in this Fairy Tail. They are my kind of guild if I could join a guild if there is one like this in a real world. I know this is just a manga but the lessons learned in this, is valuable and true in our world.

The Council of Wizards Leader has a particular hatred to Fairy Tail Guilds Master, but this has yet to be sprouted which I’ll see went I get through the rest of the total 251 episodes. It really feels as though the writer Hiro Mashima who written the story had made a plot outline of the main characters and their connection to each other is bound by family and friendship from adversity that is bought by pain that is individual or mainly what life through at them.

In summary, Fairy Tail show life trials and individual pain grow and manifests into rancorous disputes to which turn out to be a lesson for the individual and those around them and for the viewer who watches. Teenagers growing into men and women with strong valves is also the under pinning theme of this series that has action, adventure and fantasy to boot you into hooting for Fairy Tail. In the words of Natsu – I’m fired up. ♥♥♥ – this means that I’ll watch it more and more.

* Please note that you need to sign in to watch Fairy Tail. You can do so with a free account. Make sure it is a free account before signing in. There is a premium payment option and a free 30 day trial without advertisements. I like to warn you if you choose the trial 30 day period, once you finish you’ll have to pay an amount with three option to choose from. If you like advertisements that last about 60 seconds, then watch anime for free.

Terminator Gensys


John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from termination. Once Reese is there something doesn’t add up and he wonders what has happened.


The point of view has changed in this movie – Kylie Reese is telling his story and how he was found by John and to the time when John send him back to 1984. Let me explain this movie is the fifth installment to the franchise of The Terminator. To view this and if you can remember the first four movies then its a thing about the time. Like all science fiction – Time plays its part also in this movie.

Let us go back to the 1984 movie, The Terminator  – the plot – is the same as this fifth installment; John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah Connor from termination. With this came Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator to  kill Sarah Connor. Kylie falls for Sarah while on the run from the terminator and in the final battle Kylie Reese dies and so does the terminator.

The Terminator 2 – Judgement Day – another terminator in a liquid-type model to come to kill John Conner, and once again, Arnold returns as the Terminator to protect the younger John. After destroying the liquid-type model and getting the parts of the first terminator sent back in 1984, John and Sarah survive.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – an upgraded female liquid-type model comes to kill John’s wife. John at 19 travels to different place for fear of another judgement day scenario encounters the wife and the terminators.

Terminator Salvation – judgement day has come and gone, and the resistance are to attack Skynet. A half human and machine has come to warn of a new weapon on the eve of Skynet’s demise.

Time as I started to explain before the recap of the four terminator movies is a problem. Lets look at the first movie to the third movies, it seemed that John Connor has put a terminator programed to save his mother. The question is why?

The simple answer is to make sure he is saved to destroy Skynet but the problem time has change the flow of the future.

Just like the Back to the Future movies, time has played a factor as the nemesis. This sounds like there is another movie to come and I believe it will be a spectacular movie to come – this is my prediction.

In essence even though the time line is disjointed, the main story itself is there; you just have to pick it up. The different directors who directed the Terminator movies has literally kept the main story there – a terminator to terminate a Connor, a savior that is a human or a programed terminator to save a Connor.

As action packed as you can get. Loved the graphics of the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting against the older Arnold. I believe the computer graphics did a copy of the 1984 film made a still of Arnold and then computer graphics 3D program made it look excellent. Remember that computer technology in 1984 was just a baby and only those who had money could have a computer.  Computer graphics were too marginally grotesque to form a 3D character like a terminator. Special models and make-up departments made a terminator look real.

Nowadays, in a short 30 years, 3D graphics is bloody wonderful, that is it looks believable. Just the reason I like this Terminator Gensys. It is plausible to create a robot/cyborg today but it is a long way from creating a terminator. Of course this is just a film that may not happen.

Time is my issue in this movie. The timelines does not match from the first three movies to the last and this one. In a way it does and like Back to the Future; it shows that going back to a certain time can change the events of the pass and the future is different. Even going to the future is also altering time.

This is getting long. Yes it is but with this review, I needed to remember the past movies because this has the same plot as the 1984 with a twist. I like the way we see Kylie Reese coming from the future to 1984. This is spot on but Kylie sees a terminator trying to kill John. It may be that this altered time but this is was done in the Terminator Salvation.

The reasons for the older terminator likeness, is fairly plausible also and may be that John Connor had programmed Skynet to have a terminator to save Sarah Connor. As you may have guess, I have some reservations if there is another movie that can depict this in the true depiction from the 1984 version when it first came out.

Can time be altered again? The answer is yes, time can be altered again. Let’s look at the second movie which was suppose to be Judgement day but that was stopped. Yet in the third movie, judgement day came, even though, if it was the end of the trilogy. However like most science fiction, future movies there is always another. Will there be yet another movie of the Terminator? My answer is yes! My prediction of the next movie title will be Terminator Revelations. If I’m right, I’ll have to do something special.

I loved this movie and if it wasn’t for Matt Smith who plays Gensys/Skynet in true form, one of the Doctors of TV Doctor Who, you will see in the first twenty minutes or so. Jai Courtney a good actor to be the Kylie Reese of this movie. Emilia Clarke plays a different Sarah Connor, a tough young woman instead of the waitress of the 1984 Sarah Conner.

From other reviewers, I’ve read their reviews, I get what they are saying and agree with them. But I watched this for I knew the way it was going to look like. Its my writer side of me that gets the pleasure of knowing that every part of the movie was so like the way I wished to see it again.

As I think more of the movie after I seen it, since two weeks from Tuesday it still grows on you, as you think on the movie and you want to see it again. I hope they make another movie, which will fix the time issue from the Terminator to Terminator Gensys.

♠♠♠♠½ This is my score because what more can you ask for an action packed film and Arnold as his best since his short career change with his classic call sign, “I’ll be back.”

Review 2 – Cube Trilogy

With this review, is another three movies that was on Pay TV on Demand which I watched. Each movie has the same plot thus this review is going to be a short one. Cube, Cube²: Hypercube and Cube Zero are rated R because of the horror elements in the movies are very horrific.


Main Plot for Cube – Seven people of different background come together in a maze of rooms that has deadly traps.
Main Plot for Cube² Hypercube – Eight people awaken with no memory in a cube room where they must find a way out.
Main Plot for Cube Zero – A young man enters the cube to save an innocent woman.

Overall plot – has a number of people usually up to 7 or 8, knowing not how they got there, trying to find a way out. Each of the people get to know that each cubic room they go to are either have sensors or are manually set of deadly traps and on the way each one of the certain number dies off. Does any of 7 or 8 survive?


With the first was made in 1997 and with this Canadian movie has an actor from the Stargate TV Series Franchise – David Hewlett – who plays a person who knows something about the cube. But he tries not to voice for the fear of what will happen to him as he get to know the other people he meets in the cube. Even though he has a small part within the making of the cube, it is not until the third you understand the Cube. It seems each room that is a cube is also moving like a Rubik’s Cube. These rooms were counted to be twenty-six cubic rooms. A mathematical sense is also added to the whole three movies. Yet in the second has alphabets instead of numbers, they still notice a mathematical problem. The problems these eight had to understand the problem was to get to the one room that they had all joined in the first place.

The useful boot they had to use for the room they had to go into was either booby-trapped with deadly wires, gases, acids and such that one dies from. Each person has been a part to play in the second Cube movie. There was one who knew only one thing was to get a USB type-stick from a person. She was the one who came out of the Cube. Does she live? The hypercube is based on a theory that if a cube is created many times it would collapse on itself – physics does not apply. It was playing with your mind as well, it would show a person on the other side and like a mirror see the self. It was this that made me watch and how time flowed in the Cube.

Then the third was such that you find that the Cube is an experiment by a multimillion dollar company who employs a heap of people; if they question the objective of the job and they would end up in the cube. Even though, the story open in a building and it two workers, you wonder if this company has more of these Cubes in different places in the world. Then you find that they were being watched by the two who control the traps. It seems very awkward that the result of the Cube was that the head of the company wants these Cubes of mazes be set with deadly trap.

These three movies remind me of Cabin in the Woods scenario or should I say the reverse. Yet this is very much a longer way to do like Cabin in the Woods but I fear this trilogy had come with a sense of sensationalism of the fear of the greater power. Even though these three movies were good to watch but I felt the third seemed like another movie should have been done after it. If you like Lovecraft type stories, because this felt like them for me; then Cube ♠♠, Cube²:Hypercube ♠♠½ and Cube Zero ♠♠.

A Little Promo

To my followers here, I have a new site as an author and I would like you to follow that site as well. At the moment, I have started with a new platform of the operating system – the old system was Windows based while the new is Linux based.   The transition from Windows to Linux was slow at first, because I had to make sure everything is going well before advertising my new official site.I hope you might enjoy my official site. To the left sidebar is the link to about me and you can then go to my site. Or you can click this link, for soon competitions will be starting as soon as humanly possible.

Now my little self-promo is over, you will soon read the next trilogy review.

Review 1 – Dracula trilogy

As promise in my last post even though my health has been in decline, which is normal for me. It’s just see where I am at the moment. Why? Well it is another thing to add to the ever changing life that through at you. So after two weeks of changing my way of thinking it feels like I must have to deal with it at a later date. I urge everyone to have their macular in their eyes checked with an optometrist. I have to check if my macular is going to get worse with an Amsler grid card. Another problem on the list to deal with and manage. It seems like I’ll be going to need bionic eyes – laugh out loud, if that ever going to happen. Seriously, there is a Gizmag report that did show it to be possible; I may Apart from that which life can through at me, I must not deter on my plans here or on my official website. So far it may be that the diagnosis might be wrong which I’ll fine out in six months and see if I could see a specialist for the eyes – depending on the changes happen in six months.

Well I better give you my review of the Dracula trilogy, which I watched last month. Dracula 2000, Dracula II – Ascension and Dracula III – Legacy.

Dracula 2000


Dracula is kept hidden within a company, where its owner has kept it secret. He a collector of ancient relics, one employee wants the money hidden within the vault. But what the employee, her lover and his crew hold is something they wish they didn’t have. But something does change… The company owner holds a secret which also has a daughter who is estrange from him, he goes to her in New Orleans.


This is almost a carry on of the Bram Stokers novel of Dracula but with one difference if it was real. The premise of this story seems to be good and even though the actors from Elementary and Phantom of the Opera actors play in this movie. Christoper Plummer carries his role as Abraham Van Helsing in good steed like Peter Cushing; and instead of killing Dracula, he holds him in stasis and staying alive in the year 2000. Helsing under an alias, his relic hunter Simon Sheppard played by Jonny Lee Miller (a young miller) whose love interest is Solina (Jennifer Esposito) the employee who lets her lover into the vault.  Simon follows Helsing to New Orleans after Helsing finds out that Dracula is taken by the Solina and her lover’s crew. How can Helsing live for more than 300 years? How his daughter could be marked for Dracula lust?

For fans of Star Trek Voyager, Jeri Ryan also star in this and becomes a sexy vamp in this, Omar Epps (from House) also stars in this as one of the crew who steal a coffin without knowing Dracula is in it. This almost full star list should have given a good performance, but Gerard Butler (a young Butler before his Phantom of the Opera role) as Dracula was not as good as Bela or Lee but very close to them. For Firefly fans, Nathan Fillion (also stars in Castle) plays a priest in this and knows Helsing’s daughter. What more can one ask for? This version is depicted by another story which makes the myth more beautiful – this version puts two plots and merge it. The first with Dracula’s famous hunter Helsing and the second from the time when Judas Iscariot hangs himself for betraying Jesus. Of course, having a 2000 year old vampire who may have created Dracula seems plausible but it is farfetched to have Judas. Is it farfetched? The myth says that a man hangs himself/herself becomes a vampire seems plausible.

Okay the remakes of all Dracula movies does contemplates on many factors such as immortality, legends, myths and if one concept is real to life – what would we do. This seem to bring these many thoughts when I watched this version and it also connects to the Dracula movie with Luke Evans stared in. Comparing plots of the many Dracula movies is a post on its own. It did give me a glimpse into my thoughts that even every Dracula movie I see the plots change only a little but kept the original monster that Dracula has become a legend.  Just a note – a executive producer Wes Craven is listed, what else could I do. ♠♠♠

Dracula II – Ascension


A priest is on the hunt for the exclusive Dracula, travels from the Vatican to New Orleans. Medical students take the body of Dracula and do experiments on him to get cash from an investor.


Another full of famous actors, like Jason Scott Lee, Jason London, Roy Scheider and  Stephen Billington. Lee as Priest Uffizi searches for Dracula; but this continue on from the first movie which seem to be a little bit disassociated with how Dracula 2000 ended. Once you over look the ending of the first movie, and consider the beginning of this which should of happen. It seems natural that the burnt body would be brought to a mortuary where med-students look at the body – here is Luke (London) thinks of the body as a vampire. Elisabeth Blaine who is in love with the professor who is disable, ring him from the moment she finds out that her blood and Dracula’s mixed together. Luke and Elisabeth swap the bodies that have been burnt, but when Uffizi puts holy water on the already burnt body doesn’t catch fire like the other vampires – he soon chases the students. After a Dracula(Billington) escapes the torment of the medical students test with the professor and the front-man of the mysterious investor, Luke had kept water bottle from the church where Uffizi stayed, here in a memory his mentor a archbishop(Scheider)speaks of what he must hold on the faith of God. He had also put faith in Luke when the two teamed up. Luke wanted to free Elisabeth from the hold of Dracula, however they were too injured and tired to go further.

Before I go further the second and the first the actors who portrayed Dracula should have been the same one or may be its my tastes that plague me –  a black haired Dracula compared to a blond hair. Even though the ending seemed abrupt, it also had a beautiful story line which brought the story of the first one to this second a bit better even though, the ending seemed confusing from first to second. Back story moment were almost good to see as the whole. But for me, vampire movies are always good horror. Even a blond haired Dracula seem better in this movie because its capture for science seemed plausible. ♠♠½

Dracula III – Legacy


Luke and the Priest Uffizi return to hunt for Dracula and Elisabeth. Luke hopes to save Elisabeth whom he had a crush on her and hopes to turn her back but Dracula’s power is too strong. Uffizi and Luke soon follow Dracula’s trail to Romania where Romania is at war with the rich against the resistance. A reporter find the two and she falls for the priest in an abandoned church where a group of vampires attack.  A group of traders whom get humans during the day are really food collectors in the hope to become vampires. Will the darkness take Uffizi? Or will he triumph?


This is even better than the last one and there is some resolve. This concludes well the trilogy but it does have a sense of a twist at the end which I knew it would end because my writer in me knew the ending. It is fair but Luke did not get his girl at the end. Rutger Hauer plays Dracula and the Priest Uffizi fight a battle which ends a good movie. Many things in this movie was fairly done but it had one thing missing and that is the presence of the ominous power of Dracula himself. When Rutger Hauer did Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie he was better there, in his performance was believable(he was younger in Buffy). Just thought it lack a bit of something. May be it was my belief of the character as Dracula should be commanding and sexy and more like Bela’s Dracula. Or even Christopher Lee’s Dracula – menacing and commanding.

Okay, you are wondering why I picked on this particular thing. I’ll get to that after this review. The premise of it was stunning and making it feel real could well be seen in the war but they were never going to win with Vampires being the monster the rebels are fighting. With this in mind and the lack of commanding force it should have been better. Is this for those of you who want to watch vampires? My answer is yes with much bite to be had. ♠♠♠

My End Note

I have been having some personal issues which look like getting back to normal.

I’m Back

Well I’m back from 24 days holiday but technically, my emotional state was at a low since a week after my mum went into hospital.

What happened on my holidays?

Well I enjoyed meeting my relatives on my mother’s side. And let me say, I enjoy shopping and looking at the city of Adelaide, South Australia very much. The weather was beautiful and winter season came in the last week I was there – Love the cold. The break was needed but life had other tests.

After the holiday?

It was a week which was slow and tiring and I tried to relax which was okay until Friday the 17th of April, in the afternoon, that life’s test happen. I went to do my annual ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys on that morning, in the meantime mum went through an ultrasound on her temple in the week after the holiday. The results of my mums’ ultrasound had returned that same morning, when we returned home for lunch. A message from the doctor, she went to her visit with the doctor, we rushed to the specialist then she was put to hospital.

After a week in hospital, Mum went through a biopsy which seemed to be a result that has been a good one. Yet the follow up is still ongoing. It seems one hurdle has been hopped over, but praying it to be all steady.


Well, its been a little over two months, no, close to a month and two weeks since I reviewed some movies. Well soon you will read a few reviews. There will be seven.


Well its the 19th May and I have the flu and it will be some time before I feel better to do a review. This post is a long one in coming because of family problems seem to be manageable at the moment. I couldn’t concentrate on anything let alone do any reviews. So on the home-front of this review month will be coming in next month or as soon as I’m better from this… achtu  damn cough… and the dripping nose… cheers see you all soon.

Holiday’s Yeah

It is going to be a beautiful few days as my last minute things before I’m going on my holiday somewhere in South Australia. Its very close to the day when I’m leaving for the holiday, that I’m feeling a little excited. Of course, when I return, I’ll come back with a few movies to review while on holidays. I know I’ll be viewing movies during my holidays because that is what I do when I go to a movie cinema that I haven’t been to before.

I’ll tell you all what has happen when I return.

New Site Up

As you can see I have changed this site as it is a basic review site of movies and books, I watch and read after two days. On the left side that is the sidebar, is an which show a small amount of info of me and there you can find the link to my new site – robert cristante dot(.) com. (You should get to my new site which is www dot robertcristante dot com slash(/) Author and yes leave capital A as is – if you want to type my site address in the address bar.) Also there is a Facebook Link button to me – Please remember that I try to be friendly with everyone however if there is spam it will be deleted immediately.

I was lucky I had backups and it was because of those backups that made my speedy recovery less stressful. It took me about three days of copying and pasting and uploading pictures to the new site.

As I am looking to the weekend and next week, my preparations for the holidays is coming quickly. I am excited about them. You’ll have to find out more on my new site when the day gets closer.